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Complies with Chapter 209 of Texas Property Code (209.002-209,013). Deed Restrictions, Bylaws, Maps, Plats, Resolutions, and Forms. Unofficial copies are available on www.wilco.org. For printed copies see production and distribution.

Production and Distribution

Request copies of HGEPOA documents

$0.10 for 50 or less single pages. $0.10 per page plus $15 per hour labor charge if over 50 pages. Additional charges if mailing or faxing documents.

Complies with 1 T.A.C section 70.3 TRPOPA Section 202.006 policy for production.

Returned Check

After 2 attempts the bank returns your check to HGEPOA and charges the association.

$30.00 Returned Check Fee

$8.00 reimbursement of HGEPOA bank charge

POA account will be marked delinquent and debited for the amount of the check until resolved by submitting a cashier's check or money order for the full amount, including the returned check fee, delinquent fees and the bank fee to HGEPOA PO Box 1309, Leander, TX 78646.

Property Information Request

Request for documentation in regard to a HGEPOA property that is not part of a Resale Certificate request

$100 Administrative Fee

Requestor pays fee upon receipt of documents.

Statement of Account

Request from Financial institutions, title companies, etc, seeking fee status on property in HGEPOA.


Non-property owner pays for documents.

Alternative Payment Plan

Processing of additional payments, receipts, etc.


TRPOPA amended TPC 209.0062 to provide a payment plan versus foreclosure with min and max months to pay dependent on amount. The plan administrative fee is optional. HB1228 & HB1821, 1/1/2012. Effective 1/1/2019.

Resale Certificate Request

Processing of property information for Sale


TPC Code 207.003 HB1821 1/1/2012.

Annual Maintenance Fee

Mandatory for Owners of Record in High Gabriel Estates


Common Area maintenance fee per Deed Restrictions and Agreement to Designate Architectural Control Committee Paragraph 5 for each Section of High Gabriel Estates, E1 & E2, W1 & W2.

Posted: January 30, 2019

PO Box 1309
Leander, TX 78646

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